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MPBP Main Objectives:

  • Ensure quality management and service.

  • Holistic Development plans.

  • Stimulate local economic growth.

  • To create a disciplined, knowledgeable, civilized, with vision, concern, caring, healthy and loving society.

Therefore, Batu Pahat Municipal Council underlines their long-term goal to fulfill their commitment on their service:-

  1. Giving the best service to people and taxpayers particularly from health aspect and comforts of life.

  2. Implement laws and policies that are decided by central, state, and local government.

  3. All tax collected on will be dealt as good as possible of management objective, service development and public facility maintenance in order to meet municipal member needs.

  4. Town planning control and determine more ordered and systematic development direction to achieved municipal progressed and prosperous objective.

  5. To encourage the value to love the environment in each planning and development which operate in keeping with Humanity Planning Doctrine which became government policy to preserve human relationship with human, human with creator, and human with the environment.

  6. Progress and property, which became the struggle pillar of Batu Pahat Municipal Council staff will be implemented with full responsibility and the effect can be felt by all especially from physical development aspects, economy, mental and spiritual.

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