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The Objective of the Internal Audit Unit

  • Conduct audits in a professional manner in accordance with the Act, Circulars, Rules and by-laws that have been set

  • Generate audit reports quality, accurate, clear and easy to understand

  • Ensure consultation is given to add value and improve the quality of financial management and administration of a department

  • Help the department achieve its goal through a systematic and disciplined approach to evaluate and improve the effectiveness of controls and governance processes

  • Tightening internal controls so that the risk of error can be resolved

  • Department ensure that all official documents be kept in an orderly, accessible, safe and systematic

The Function Internal Audit Unit

  • Conduct inspections of audit ratings from independent and objective towards improving the quality of governance at all levels of management in accordance with the Act, circulars and laws that apply to cultivate an excellent working environment in Batu Pahat Municipal Council