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The Objective of the Law Unit

  • Provide legal advice in terms of administrative management, purchasing, finance and services to office, happy, Unit in Batu Pahat Municipal Council

  • Ensure law has provided local authorities complied with within its jurisdiction and to ensure that public interest is maintained

  • Ensuring and planning actions taken by the Batu Pahat Municipal Council is complying with the procedures and provisions of the Act and the By-laws enforced

  • Ensure that all complaints received and identified effective court action in accordance with the provisions of the Act and the By-Laws adopted by MPBP

Function of Legal Unit

  • Receive and register and manage letters from government agencies and the public

    And the revised draft agreement provides for a agreement MPBP

  • Review, amend and manage proclamation and alteration of the By-Laws

  • Provide advice Law

  • Filed complaints to a court case

  • Receive and manage compensation claims (civil) were submitted by the public or third parties

  • Preparing reports for court cases presented at the meeting of the Finance Committee and General Clauses