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The Objectives of Enforcement Department

  • Exercise responsibility and ensure that laws are implemented and complied allocated to achieve the goal of empowering communities and make the Batu Pahat Municipal Council (PBP) liveable and services through excellent management

  • Implement enforcement so that people comply with the law that has been de-allocated in the administrative area MPBP

  • Ensure that every form of business must be licensed

  • Ensure that each premises and residential areas clean and orderly

  • Prevent unauthorized traders who trade deripada MPBP

  • Control and eliminate illegal dumping

  • Controlling the growth of illegal buildings

Function Enforcement Department

  • Law Enforcement Affairs under the provisions of the Act and By-Laws adopted

  • Managing enforcement actions against civilians under the provisions of the Act and By-Laws adopted

  • Managing ensure the company's premises, traders and trade to comply with licensing conditions which have been set

  • Managing shifting, demolition, and meyita any obstruction and nuisance

  • Managing ensure the environment clean and orderly city with conducting periodic inspections and patrols

  • Managing growth suppressing traders who trade without permission MPBP

  • Managing work with jabtan or elsewhere in the enforcement action

  • Managing surgery integrated with the department in carrying out enforcement

  • The preparation of papers for court action

  • Managing investigation and enforcement of complaints received

  • Managing compound unpaid claims