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The objective of the Department of City Planning

  • Ensure that the goals, objectives and strategies in the National Physical Plan (NPP), State Structure Plan (RSN), Local Plan Penggaram (RTBP), District Local Plan (RTD), Area Plan alerts Typical (SAPs) and Landscape Master Plan (PIL ) form the basis of the guidelines in planning work.

  • Control and plan development for a planned and systematic development plans in accordance with the above and in accordance with policies / circular-Perkele government and the guidelines adopted

  • Ensure the application and reviews the planning process in accordance with the procedures set

  • Providing data / information system complete planning for the use / reference of various departments and the public

  • Provide feedback and immediate action

The functions of the Town Planning Department

  • Planning and controlling development by development plans, policies and guidelines

  • Enforcement of planning according to Act 172 and the rules of the General Planning of Johor

  • ProcessĀ planning applications (BKS, KM, KMT)

  • Determining the needs of cloud facilities and recreation population Batu Pahat Municipal Council and ensure superior standards providing & Country Planning Department

  • Designing the layout needs of public facilities in line with the needs and demands of the population

  • Provide input terhadaptrend development planning technical agencies other government

  • Control and planning of the landscape that is provided according to the concepts of design that has been determined

  • 5 steps to implement the Safe City Program