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PROGRAMMING UNDER Urban Poverty Eradication Programme (AEOS)


a) This program provides a safe and comfortable homes to live in order to contribute to the quality of life and prosperity.     

b) Criteria for Eligibility Recipients Assistance Program Overhaul houses in the City.           

  • KIR settled in LA operation area
  • Confirmed the status of poverty in System eKasih whether poverty / poor / vulnerable / excluded / B40
  • For those who are not registered under e-Kasih, households shall be confirmed in Poverty Eradication Focus Group Meeting of the State or local level; and
  • House occupied or slightly damaged due to the disaster such as fire, floods and storms. However, the house is still occupied and still be economical to repair. Help overhaul this involves only the basic components of a home such as roofs, walls, floors, windows, and does not involve the basic structure of the house.

c) Allocation Program Overhaul houses in Bandar Daif.

    Peninsular/ Sabah/ Sarawak/ Labuan   :     RM10,000 seunit .

2. OUR TOWN STANDS HAWKER                  

a) Program goals Hawker City Kiosk

  • Encourage the participation of 40% Low Income Group (B40) in projects of entrepreneurship to enable them to generate income and improve the quality of life; and
  • Reducing the load 40% Low Income Group (B40) in the city to get a stall hawkers are safe and comfortable for added income.           

b) The eligibility criteria for participants Hawker City Kiosk

  • Are extremely poor, / poor / vulnerable / excluded in the e-Kasih system only;
  • For those who are not registered under e-Kasih system, KIR be confirmed in Poverty Eradication
  • Focus Group Meeting of the State or local level;
  • KIR aged between 18-60 years (productive age), namely:

          -not ill and unable to work to support their families;

          -leavers; and

          -interested and determined to undergo the program applied.

  • Priority to students who have started a business / business full-time and agreed to comply with the terms of PBT / SDO / JPPN; and
  • Is not bankrupt.                  

c) Kiosk rental period Hawker City

Term borrowings were 2 years and can be extended to households out of poverty with the approval and supervision by PBT / SDO / JPPN.  

d) Hawker Rates Help Kiosk City  

The maximum rate for each stall Hawker City is RM15,000.00 include the following items:              

Construction Kiosk Hawker              - RM10,000.00